Why choose NORRIQ?

Business-driven IT

No matter what industry you are in, technology plays a crucial role. Your company needs a partner that can advise, execute and optimize based on a deep understanding of your business. At NORRIQ, we think business first and IT second. We ensure you get solutions that meet your needs.

360˚ Service

We have the skills and experience to help you with all of your IT needs. Our 360˚ service integrates your systems, infrastructure and strategic processes in one user-friendly and transparent flow that empowers you to create extraordinary results.

Turn-key Solutions

NORRIQ has developed turn-key solutions for your business, so you can get started quickly creating value for your organization. Choose a solution that is tailor-made for your industry's unique demands and that has already proven its value. Take the easy route to success with a solution from NORRIQ.

Who is NORRIQ?


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Vibeholms Allé 20
2605 Brøndby

Tlf. +45 70 20 12 12
Fax. +45 43 47 12 80

NORRIQ Benelux

Kruisstraat 289A
B-3120 Tremelo


Tlf. +32 16 498 115
Fax. +32 16 561 850



Freiligrathring 1
D-40878 Ratingen


Tlf. +49 21 02-99 34 847
Fax. +49 21 02-99 34 848


NORRIQ North Africa

Immeuble Regency
Bloc C, Appt 205
Rue du Lac Léman, Lac 1
1053 Tunis

Tlf. +216 71 862 564

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