Travel & Expense Management makes travel arrangements easy

Tired of manual entry, crumpled receipts and cumbersome approvals? This solution digitizes and streamlines all workflows.

Save your time thumb_up

Travel & Expense Management saves time at every level: for the traveling employee who records expenses and kilometers, for the department responsible for approval and also in the finance department.

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Travel & Expense Management is the most user-friendly solution on the market. Users, approvers and the finance department will experience a flexible solution that makes travel arrangements simple and fast.

Build for your ERP-system repeat

For those who already use Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central, Travel & Expense Management is fully integrated into your ERP system. This means that the solution is easy and quick to use and that data can be easily used between the different systems.

See how easy it is

Smart and user-friendly functions

Travel & Expense Management is easy to use and digitizes the entire travel arrangement - from the registration of driving data via the online app to approval and archiving.

Bills via photo phone_iphone

Your employees simply take a picture of the receipts with their phone and then fill out a form in the app. Afterwards, the bill is visible on the online approval portal.

Registration when it suits you bubble_chart

It is also possible to take a picture of the receipt and complete the registration on your home or office PC.

Image awaits card transaction credit_card

The image of the receipt is stored in the system archive until the credit card transaction is approved in the app and then the receipt and card transaction will be matched.

Easy kilometer registration mood

Travel & Expense Management replaces the traditional driving arrangement and registers the kilometers directly in the app. The entered ride is then ready for approval on the online platform.

Approval via online platform tap_and_play

After a receipt or ride has been submitted for approval, the designated person is notified and can approve it easily.

Flexible approval check

You can easily approve receipts wherever you are - the platform can be accessed via a PC, tablet or telephone.

PDF receipt description

If you receive a receipt by email in PDF format, you can save it in the app directly from the email.

Ready for administration business

Once a receipts has been approved, it can be entered into Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Expenses directly to customer settings

Expenses can be linked to a customer (in Dynamics 365 Business Central) so that they can be queried in customer accounts and possibly invoiced to the end customer.

Digital archive archive

Travel & Expense Management makes it easy to retrieve documents as they are stored in the digital archive.

Want to know more?

More information about the functions, the simple implementation and the pricing model on the website of the solution: