Global, scalable and fast

The Drink-IT solution has long since proven its value globally in 46 countries, where among others Carlsberg and Heineken feel the effect of better profitability analyzes, better production, quality and order management, better customer service and efficient management of prices and discounts as well as integration with EMCS and MES - and much more.

Used in 46 countries language

NORRIQ has successfully implemented Drink-IT across the globe. Right now, Drink-IT creates value in 46 countries.

50% lower TCO credit_card

50%. So much you cut down on your total cost (TCO) compared to other solutions. This shows several business cases.

35% Faster arrow_forward_ios

35%. That much faster you are in the air with Drink-IT compared to other, comparable solutions. The comprehensive standard functionality brings you 90% goals from day one.

Easy to scale bubble_chart

Drink-IT is both suitable in an internationally-producing brewery, in a wholesale company, or as one solution in a two-system strategy.

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