Invoice Workflow streamlines everything from A to Z

This solution helps companies optimize their vendor accounting through digitization, automation and an efficient workflow - from invoice receipt to digital archiving.

Save 50% of your work time schedule

By automating the receipt of purchase invoices and digitizing the entire workflow, a company can save up to half of its work time and at the same time avoid manual errors.

A solution that users will love favorite

Invoice Workflow is the most user-friendly solution on the market. Both the finance department and management will experience this as a flexible solution that makes it much easier and less time-consuming to work with and approve purchase invoices.

Built for your ERP system repeat

If you already use Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Invoice Workflow is built for your specific ERP system. This ensures a simple implementation and a system that is fully integrated with your ERP system.

Discover how easy it is

Digital intelligence brings vendor accounting to next level

Invoice Workflow is packed with smart and unique solutions that allow you to spend considerably less time processing invoices.

Collection of data tap_and_play

The solution retrieves the data from the invoice such as expiration date, number and price. This data is inserted in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Processes all formats description

The solution can handle all file formats and automatically retrieve invoice data - whether the invoice is received on paper, PDF, XML, OIOXML or OIOUBL.

Agreement with order check

Invoice Workflow checks for duplicates of the invoice and automatically links this to the order.

Improved cost control credit_card

Invoice Workflow saves time in your administration and the approval of invoices, because the solution makes it easy to set up and change proxies and rules.

Request for approval via e-mail email

Every user gets access to his own platform and receives an email from Invoice Workflow when an invoice is ready for approval.

Approval via web browser thumb_up

The user approves invoices via the web portal, where the last five invoices from the same supplier are also available. The invoice can, if necessary, be forwarded for verification or can be refused.

Certainty of timely payment mood

Thanks to this solution you always have control over where an invoice is in the system. This means that all invoices are paid on time and you avoid extra costs.

Digital archive archive

It is easy to request invoices that are open or expired. And it is possible to view all invoices from the same supplier directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Benefits thanks to the cloud cloud_done

Invoice Workflow is integrated in the cloud, so you always use the latest version and pay a fixed price per day, depending on how many purchase invoices you have to process.

What do customers say?

Thanks to Invoice Workflow we can kill two birds with one stone. We can approve purchase invoices faster and therefore receive larger discounts.

Thomas Frank
IT Manager, Plantorama

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Read more about the functions, how easy it is to get started and the pricing model on the Invoice Workflow website:


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