CNS Group adopts user-friendly iPad sales system for European sales force

A mobile iPad-based system gives CNS Group's salespeople and agents all over Europe a user-friendly sales tool, leading to greater efficiency and fewer mistakes. It also allows the sales team to continually monitor incoming orders and react quickly if sales fail to meet expectations.

It works extremely well – it's that simple! Since we began in autumn 2012, most of our sales force have been equipped with an iPad, and our mobile sales system is now being used by 29 sales representatives, from Spain to Finland,” says Jan Hansson.

Jan Hansson is IT Development Manager at CNS Group A/S, one of Scandinavia's largest textile companies.  CNS Group A/S comprises the following brands: Solid, DND, Tailored by Solid, Oxmo and Peppercorn. The company distributes its products through a network of sales agents in several countries.

Precisely matched to mobile salespeople
I had one clear aim. To give our sales agents a tool limited appropriately to the target group. Strong IT skills are not common among people in our industry. We therefore wanted the system to be easy to use and to train people in – across languages and countries,” says Jan Hansson.

CNS Group A/S called on the services of NORRIQ, who have developed a mobile sales system fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. What CNS Group A/S essentially wanted was a system that could support the same business logic in relation to products and collections that was already implemented in Dynamics NAV – direct from an iPad. They also wanted to be able to manage what content was visible to each salesperson from the back office, direct from Dynamics NAV.

 “Our system from NORRIQ gives us a tool which makes it almost impossible for people to make mistakes, as we can limit what they have access to from the head office. We can limit what is visible in terms of both customers and brands. The agent is only able to see the brands he has to sell, and the customers he has to sell to. This means we have virtually avoided all the mistakes we have experienced in the past, as sales people no longer have access to any data other than what we make available.”

No handwritten orders and regular submission
Another clear advantage of our mobile sales system is that we continually receive incoming orders. This is priceless to us, as CNS Group A/S produces to order. We now have a clear picture, day-by-day, of what is selling and what is not selling. In the past, orders used to trickle in by email and fax, leading up to the weekend and just before the deadline. We didn't have an accurate picture of sales, and there was a risk we might withdraw certain products because we thought they were not selling. We are no longer in that situation, and our basis for making decisions is much better” he notes.

Satisfied salespeople and more time for quality assurance
We have been using the system for about six months now and have received very positive feedback from our sales agents. They like the user-friendly interface and are very happy that the system can run on an iPad. They value having a 'fancy' tool to demonstrate when visiting customers. The sales department in Denmark is also very happy with the system. Being able to manage changes to the collection from the head office has saved a lot of time. In the past changes had to be notified by email, requiring a lot of administration and follow-up. Now the products we withdraw simply disappear from the app. The sales department are also pleased to no longer have to do data entry when receiving orders. We spent a lot of time in the past keying in orders which arrived by fax. Orders now arrive line by line via the app – just how we want it. There are no more typing mistakes, and the sales department can now spend more time on quality assurance instead of manual data entry,” concludes Jan Hansson.