Food solution from NORRIQ opens oceans of new possibilities for Nordic Seafood

As a result of a change in ownership at Nordic Seafood new financial re-porting procedures were introduced. When these demands started to prove difficult to meet using the firm’s existing IT solution, Nordic Seafood began researching the market for a more up-to-date product. They chose NORRIQ’s food solution; currently in use by 75 customers in six countries.

The Nordic Seafood group is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of fish and shellfish sourced from all over the world. The company imports products and sells them through sales companies in Denmark, Germany, France, England, Holland, Russia and Croatia. Nordic Seafood is headquartered in Hirtshals, where its extensive production and cold storage facilities are also based. The group's turnover runs to 1.8 billion DKK and it employs around 120 people. In 2007 Japan's Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. and Sealord Group Ltd. of New Zeal-and became part owners. As a result of this change in ownership, Nordic Sea-food A/S took over J.P. Klausen & Co A/S in Svendborg Denmark and Sealord France SAS in France, as well as a number of other European activities.

IT Solution made merger possible
Following on Nordic Seafood's ownership change in 2007, reporting deadlines became tighter. To meet this need the company required an IT solution that featured full purchasing, sales, inventory management and financial integra-tion. In addition, Nordic Seafood needed an IT solution that could meet the group's needs following the business integration of Nordic Seafood, J.P. Klau-sen and Sealord France which resulted from the ownership change.

”With our new owner's reporting deadline requirements it was clear that our existing IT solutions could not keep up. At that time we were using a NAV-3.56 DOS-version and running our inventory management manually. We couldn’t continue to operate in this manner, which is why we opted for a windows-based IT solution with integrated inventory management. And I must say that our new IT solution has been the key to a successful integration between the three companies. Without it, it would have been very hard to standardise our procedures and create the fully-integrated business we were aiming for,” says Financial Director Carl Højrup of Nordic Seafood.

NORRIQ had the right skills
Following their decision to implement a new IT solution, Nordic Seafood wasted no time in looking for the right supplier and business partner to deliver it.
”The most important thing for us was to find a supplier with experience in produc-ing solutions for the foodstuffs industry, and who was, therefore, in a position to accommodate our quality control, traceability and other requirements. NORRIQ were an obvious candidate, and after looking at the firm’s references it became clear to us that they had the skill set we were looking for. Throughout the IT solu-tion implementation process NORRIQ has proved to be a professional business partner with the drive to work with us to find the right solutions,” continues Carl Højrup.

An IT Solution that underpins our business processes
Nordic Seafood's new IT solution from NORRIQ is produced specifically for the foodstuffs industry. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and can handle the following areas: general finance, currency, purchasing, sales, production, inven-tory management and logistics.

”Our new IT solution has given us a whole new range of functions that our pre-vious IT solution simply couldn't deliver. On the financial side we are now able to honour our owners' reporting deadlines and demands without any problems. Without the new system we probably couldn't have coped with the number of transactions that we handle today. On the inventory management side, our IT solution means that we always have an up-to-date picture of what we have in stock, what's on its way and what has already been sold. Next, the system joins it all together, so we know precisely who we have supplied and from which lot the goods come from. With our NORRIQ IT solution we have a system that is both effective and transparent and that underpins our business processes,” concludes Carl Højrup.