Nordlux have halved billing times by upgrading to the role-based version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from NORRIQ

Simple preliminary analysis the basis for optimal decision making
Nordlux was incorporated in 1977, and the company has used different versions of Navision/Microsoft Dynamics NAV from the start. Management were focused on securing an ERP system that could fully meet the company’s current and future needs.

”Nordlux faced a strategic ERP decision. We had to decide whether it was worthwhile maintaining our older version of NAV, or whether it was time to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That’s why we contacted NORRIQ, the company that’s been our IT supplier for more than ten years, and they recommended that we performed a simple preliminary analysis to identify exactly what our needs were. That’s advice that we’re very happy we followed as the preliminary analysis gave us the optimal basis for our decision – without us having to expend significant resources,” says Nordlux Finance Director Niels Skov Jakobsen. In cooperation with NORRIQ, Nordlux quickly reached a decision to upgrade to the Role Tailored Client version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (RTC).

Standard functionality without compromising on quality
From the first, Nordlux had made it clear that they no longer wanted a solution that involved extensive customisation. Instead, the company was interested in a solution based around standard functions – but not without compromising on the required functionality. A very few adjustments were, however, made to the final solution, and the extremely complex areas of the old solution have been replaced by, amongst other things, a PDF and EDI module, both of which are standard NORRIQ products.

”We had made the decision that our new NAV solution was to be based around standard functions. But I’m happy to admit that that was easier said than done. At the end of the day the fact that we’ve managed to achieve our goal is down to our excellent relationship with NORRIQ. They were very quick to appreciate exactly where we stood and where we wanted to be. Plus, their consultants were very open-minded in their responses and managed to keep us to our goal of only using standard solutions. Generally, and in our experience, NORRIQ deliver. They kept their agreements, and they made a difference,” stresses a thoroughly satisfied Niels Skov Jakobsen.”We now have a solution that’s based on standard functionalities and that doesn’t compromise on quality.”

In addition, the upgrade has delivered a number of other benefits for the company. So many, in fact, that management contacted NORRIQ in order to request faster implementation of the new solution in the company’s Norwegian affiliate.

Fifty per cent reduction in billing time
One of the benefits Nordlux has achieved from moving to the new Role Tailored Client version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a significant reduction in the amount of time the company spends on invoicing.

”With the customisable user interface and easily-available filter we can gain a rapid overview of the orders that are ready for invoicing. That’s reduced the time we spend on invoicing by fifty per cent,” says Niels Skov Jakobsen.

From new user to proficient in just two hours
Improved user-friendliness was a further goal for the upgrade to the role-based version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Nordlux wanted the new solution to be easy to use, both for current staff and new recruits. That goal has definitely been delivered on according to Niels Skov Jakobsen, who finishes off by saying:
”When I ask our staff about their experience of using the Role Tailored Client NAV system they all say that getting started was painless. My own experience confirms this, as I’ve seen with my own eyes how the new system has eased our recruitment process. Previously, when we recruited one of the things we specified was that applicants needed to have experience of using NAV. We don’t have to do that anymore as we can introduce a new staff member to the system in just two hours, even if the individual in question has never used NAV before.”

Business Intelligence
"NORRIQ’s Business Intelligence solution has given me a priceless insight into our business – I’m able to constantly monitor the amount of orders in the individual markets and consequently react in time if a market requires an extra dedicated effort. This predictability means that the entire company is now able to act instead of reacting.” Niels Skov Jakobsen, Finance Director, Nordlux