The value of digital transformation

In the intersection between IT and business, great value is created. Today, digitization and new technology are a factor that affects all industries and the way we work, communicate, and sell. But what are the benefits for a typical growing company?

Build stronger relationships with your customers and sell more effectively shopping_cart

Digitalization opens up enormous opportunities for managing and improving your Customer Experience. Grab the new opportunities to communicate with customers and create custom marketing, sales, and service experiences through e-commerce, portals, and mobility combined with data and intelligence.

Streamline and optimize all processes and the entire value chain business

Digitization of all or part of the value chain represents a great potential in most companies. By thinking of digitalization to the end and making all business processes efficient, complete, agile, and scalable, the business will become more efficient, profitable, and well-run.

Give the employees the best performance conditions people

With new technology, you will be able to give the employees the best conditions for creating optimal value for the company. With the latest digital tools combined with, e.g. mobility, you will experience more flexible, productive, and satisfied employees.

Transform your products and services and increase the value for the customer trending_up

By thinking about digitizing into your products and services, new market opportunities, innovative products that differentiate themselves and unique customer experiences can be created. Sensors, machine-to-machine communication and data analysis are just some of the options.

Transform your value chain

Huge profits lie hidden in your value chain. Have you thought of your digitization to the end and made all your processes efficient, agile, and scalable? Experience the benefits of basing your business on proven practical solutions, automation, rich functionality, and high usability.

Marketing & Sales screen_share

Give marketing and sales the best conditions to create value for the company and customers.

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Service forum

Service has become an important competitive parameter. See how you can easily harvest the possibilities.

Service Read more chevron_right

Purchase shopping_cart

Streamline your purchases and get an overview, secure vendor and contract management and great savings.

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Production layers

With better production management, you can make better use of your capacity and avoid costly downtime and waste.

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Warehouse & Logistics repeat

Digitize and automate the warehouse. Replace manual processes with profit and overview.

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Project management directions_car

Automate and optimize project management processes and gain control of the projects.

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Finance credit_card

Transform the finance function and be ready to support the business's new requirements.

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Management Reporting business

Transform your Data into valuable insights. Get an overview of the organization, quick and easy.

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Why is NORRIQ the best transformation partner

NORRIQ is the end-to-end supplier of standard solutions. We provide technology and advice to support your needs. Our starting point is your business, growth ambitions and competitive situation.

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Harvest your digital potential - 9 Tips

New technologies represent a large earnings potential. However, in order to realize the company's full digital potential, it is necessary to work structured. Otherwise, there is a risk of mis-investment, missed growth opportunities and lost competitiveness. Here are 9 good tips.

1. Understand the digital school

Get acquainted with the opportunities technology and digital transformation provide and understand the potential of the company.

2. Focus on customer value shopping_cart

Pay special attention to the areas that will create value for your customers.

3. Prepare the organization people

Create a culture of change ready to embrace the new opportunities.

4. Data, data, data... pie_chart

Data is one of your most important resources. Think BI and analytics from the start.

5. Challenge your business permanently repeat

Challenge your current processes and business. What can be done better?

6. Buy-in with the management check

Create an understanding of the project and anchoring with the management.

7. Root the potential business

The company's digital potential must be documented and rooted in your business strategy.

8. Remember a business case layers

Developing a business case before project start is crucial.

9. Start now! arrow_forward_ios

Get started - better today than tomorrow. Competitors are not waiting.

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