360˚service gives your business wings

New business opportunities. New challenges. New requirements - every day. Standing still is not an option. No matter what industry you are in, technology plays a crucial role. Your company needs the best possible partner to help you to not just capitalize on the digital revolution, but to maximize its opportunities. That partner is NORRIQ.

We have the skills and experience to advise, execute and optimize your entire value chain. We call this 360˚ service. With NORRIQ and our 360˚ approach you gain a partner that can help you address today's business challenges and prepare for tomorrow's by applying winning IT solutions to your business. Let NORRIQ set you up to create extraordinary results.

Small or large. Simple or complex. We can handle it all.

NORRIQ's 360˚service is right for you whether you want to optimize a single business process, tie several areas and processes together or rethink your entire business model. Nothing is too small and nothing too big. Start small with NORRIQ and grow with us — or start big, if that’s what you need.

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What you get with our 360˚service

No matter what service you choose, our goal is to make it easy for you to create a dynamic and agile company.

IT Strategy


Finance Solutions

Industry-specific Solutions


Business Intelligence


Mobility Solutions



Cloud & Hosting


Why choose NORRIQ and our 360° service?

Simplified and faster flows

Our 360˚ skills bring the drivers that can increase your competitiveness to the forefront of your business. Today, that increasingly means moving complex processes away from your ERP system and towards your employees and stakeholders via a user-friendly process flow across CRM, e-Commerce, Intranet and BI. NORRIQ helps you reap the benefits from all of these business accelerators.

Access to all in one place

If you choose an IT vendor with only specialist niche knowledge, you may end up with a static solution that cannot accommodate the development of your business. Choose several different suppliers of various products and services, and you might use your precious time and resources dealing with each of them.

With NORRIQ, you get the best of all worlds: access to a full-service provider with deep expertise, 360˚ around your business and IT needs — and one point of contact for everything.

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