We will set the standard for the good and valuable IT project

Better customer experiences, new products, services and optimization of the business. Businesses do not miss challenges. They lack solutions. NORRIQ is set in the world to fulfill your full business potential through technology and digital transformation. And we will be the best at it!

The difficult but crucial choice

The choice of partner is close to being the most important decision when you need to start an IT project. We know that we must earn our trust - every day. If you ask our customers why they choose NORRIQ, they typically point to the following:

We know your industry and business thumb_up

With NORRIQ you get the best pratice. We have a deep knowledge of a wide range of industries and know all your business processes. In other words, we know your challenges and opportunities - and have already implemented similar solutions for other companies.

Broadest and deepest technology insight dashboard

NORRIQ is a technology house with deep and broad competencies within ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and e-commerce. We have the competencies and experience to come all the way around your business and ensure that the solutions are integrated, coordinated and rooted in your overall IT strategy.

Standardized and ready-to-use software solutions favorite

At NORRIQ you get access to a wide range of ready-to-use business solutions that cover your entire value chain with user-friendly and intelligent functionality. Choose a solution that is pre-tailored to your industry's specific needs and has already proven its value. Shoot shortcut to success with NORRIQ.

Strongest advice and best service people

At NORRIQ you will find the industry's best advisors and consultants. Our starting point is always your business, growth ambitions and competitive situation. And then we go the longest to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Our unique NORRIQ Care ensures you the market's best and safest support.

Below our logo it says "Your Business - Simplified"

These are three words we do not take lightly. They always remind us that our business is about your business. And that we must always strive for the simple and uncomplicated rather than the complex and cumbersome in the solutions we develop for our customers.


What sets NORRIQ apart?

NORRIQ lives on good customer experiences and on creating value - and we strive to ensure that our customers feel safe, secure and in control in all parts of the process. But what sets NORRIQ apart and makes us unique?

With NORRIQ you only need one digitizing partner

NORRIQ is a consulting and technology house that embraces broadly. Our solutions and services cover all your needs and your entire value chain. With NORRIQ, you only need one partner to lift your digital challenges - from consulting to design to implementation. Our core competencies embrace both ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and e-commerce. We are not generalists, but specialists who strive to be market leaders in all our areas of competence.


We get your entire business platform to play together

NORRIQ has the skills and experience to integrate the company's IT systems and applications so that data can flow freely across the value chain, and the processes become much more intelligent and effective. We tie employees, systems, infrastructure and strategic processes together in one user-friendly and transparent flow, which equips your organization to create extraordinary results.


Get access to ready-to-use and valuable standard solutions

NORRIQ is also a software development house. We have developed a large number of standard solutions that make it faster, safer and much more economical to realize your digital potential. The solutions bring new, valuable and user-friendly functionality to your business, and all have the same in common that they are integrated into Dynamics 365.


Get the best service and support on the market

We know how crucial it is for our customers that their IT systems and employees perform optimally. That's why you get the market's best service and support with NORRIQ Care. We are ready to provide fast and efficient service and support to ensure you do not lose valuable time. NORRIQ's service and support center is permanently staffed all year round with the best consultants in the industry.

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At NORRIQ you will meet the industry's most talented consultants, consultants and developers

"Experienced", "skilled" and "solution-oriented" are some of the words we often hear about our employees. We are proud of that, but it is not a coincidence. We only recruit the most talented consultants, consultants and developers, and we use a lot of resources to keep their knowledge up to date. All in all with a goal in mind: To create the best conditions for your success.


Always close to you, but with international reach

NORRIQ is always close to you. We have offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Kolding and have customers all over the country. NORRIQ has 11 offices in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, UK and Tunisia. In total, we employ over 300 dedicated employees, who every day help more than 5,000 companies develop, optimize and streamline their business.


Transform your business digitally with NORRIQ and Microsoft

Microsoft is the leader in business solutions for the business community. NORRIQ is proud to carry the title "Gold Partner", which states that we have the highest competence in advising, implementing and servicing Microsoft business solutions.

NORRIQ works closely with Microsoft internationally, and we are one of the most important partners in our field.

NORRIQ is the consulting house in the Benelux that has the most experience with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics C5 and Microsoft XAL.


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