An interview with our NORRIQ Star Ilse

In this interview, we speak to Ilse Habex, Service Delivery Manager at NORRIQ. Ilse gives us a glimpse into her daily job and how her career at NORRIQ has developed.

Ilse als Care Consultant bij NORRIQ

As Service Delivery Manager, Ilse is responsible for customer contact and service. She makes sure that the customers are served in the best possible way and that they are taken care of. This requires good communication between the customer and NORRIQ's consultants, so Ilse can quickly respond to any questions.

Ilse started her career at NORRIQ as a Functional Consultant (ERP) in the CARE team and worked there for about two years. She then made the transition to the role of SDM, in addition to content expertise, this also allowed her to grow in her organizational skills. Find out what her worklife at NORRIQ looks like:


Hi Ilse, to start with, could you describe your daily work at NORRIQ and which aspects give you the most satisfaction?

My job involves a lot of customer contact - think status calls, visiting clients, but also handling planning, invoicing, and examining and implementing internal process improvements. I find great satisfaction in the internal collaboration with colleagues, as well as the conversations with customers. It's a very 'social' role where you build many connections.

Additionally, since last year, I have also been a team coach. I derive a lot of satisfaction from the human aspect of this role and I am happy to offer a listening ear to some colleagues. Besides the social aspect of the job, I am also drawn to the organizational aspect. This mainly includes organizing training sessions, scheduling consultants, creating project plans with clients, and so on.

What was the main reason you decided to work at NORRIQ?

Despite not seeing myself in the IT world initially, the open job vacancy appealed to me strongly. As I was seeking a new challenge at that time, I decided to listen to what the job would entail exactly.

During my first interview at the Lummen office, there was an informal work atmosphere. I quickly felt welcome and at ease. The vision for serving customers was ahead of other companies, and that really appealed to me.

What aspects of NORRIQ's vision and mission appealed to you?

The strong customer focus, the emphasis on ownership and commitment, and the emphasis on teamwork. I firmly believe that you achieve more as a team than as an individual. I also strongly identified with the "work hard/play hard" mentality. Respect and appreciation among colleagues are emphasized, which I also find important.

I take pride in working for a company like NORRIQ due to its strong focus on trust and appreciation.

How would you describe the company culture at NORRIQ?

I advocate for the company culture at NORRIQ because the values and norms are strongly person-oriented on the one hand, and there is a flat hierarchy on the other hand.

The freedom to give your own twist to a certain task or a specific process is a great advantage of working at NORRIQ. You can see that your opinion matters, and you have the opportunity to experiment with different approaches to find the best practice.

Can you give an example of how NORRIQ challenged you to step out of your comfort zone and how you dealt with it?

Initially, my focus within the SDM story was mainly internal. However, we included in our vision to have more direct customer contact and therefore visit customers more frequently to build a more personal relationship.

The internal coordination quickly felt familiar. Taking the extra step to have (sometimes challenging) conversations with customers was a fun challenge. But my team and coaches supported me optimally.

Thank you for sharing your insights, Ilse. Before we conclude, do you have a final message for our readers?

Absolutely! If you're interested in working for our company and being part of our dynamic team, I warmly invite you to check out our job vacancies and apply. We are always on the lookout for talented people who can help us provide the best possible service to our customers. So, visit our website and discover the opportunities waiting for you.

We hope to welcome you as one of our new colleagues soon!

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