Why do you need ERP? And why choose Dynamics 365 Business Central?

ERP can be one of the keys to competitiveness. Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the strongest ERP solutions on the market, the solution streamlines and brings together the most important business processes:

Economy pie_chart

Optimally work with the economy. The ERP system connects data across accounts, sales, purchases, inventory, and customer interactions and provides a complete overview of the business in real time. Streamline debtors and creditors, automatically reconcile accounts for clearing, reporting is fast and accurate, and it is easy to work with the economic forecasts in modeling and analyzing data across multiple dimensions.

Salaries and staff people

The ERP solution gives your staff managers the best tools to manage payroll pay and streamline staff management. The flawless payout, professional hiring and termination, tracking employee performance, developing employee competencies, and identifying potential HR-related issues before they arise are just some of the benefits.

Manufacturing business

Strengthen the company's ability to optimize production processes. Through improved communication, planning, and automated processes, you can more effectively meet customer needs and provide better service. You have access to real-time data at all stages of the production process and can optimize project and cost management as well as production planning.

Supply Chain repeat

There is no end to entering information manually and losing track of inventory in the warehouse. With modern ERP, you avoid losing sales, reducing shortages, and maximizing profitability. The means are automated processes and better control e.g., via automatic maintenance of the inventory through the automatic calculation of stock, delivery times, and re-ordering points.

What is your next step?

Looking for a new ERP solution? Alternatively, do you want to upgrade your current to a newer version? Maybe you want to expand the functionality of your current ERP solution with smart add-ons? Whatever you are looking for, NORRIQ can help you:

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Looking for a new ERP solution? Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-ons?
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ERP is synonymous with NORRIQ

Your business processes are one of the company’s most important sources of competitiveness, and with NORRIQ as your ERP partner you are sure of having the optimal ERP solution.

ERP does a lot of things, but...

The ERP solution is in many ways the heart of your business, and it plays a key role as a digitisation engine. However, the best and most efficient business solutions are created in close interaction between ERP software and specialised business systems for sales, Marketing Automation, Field Servicee-commerce, Business Intelligence, payroll and banking transactions, for example.

By slimming down the ERP system and placing processes in specialised business systems, you create a more user-friendly and efficient business system.

You allow the processes to be handled where this is done best and most efficiently – while continuing to benefit from an integrated business system where data flows freely and is available where you need it.

ERP does a lot of things, but...

A new way forward for ERP software

This fundamental approach to business systems is the basis of the vision behind Microsoft’s development of the Dynamics 365 platform.

Imagine that the ERP solution is no longer all-embracing but an app that, of course, still helps you by performing many of the traditional tasks that ERP software has done to date.

And imagine that the ERP solution is just one of many apps on a common data platform that contains the best solutions for all of the above tasks and processes. And the ERP solution is directly connected to Office 365.

That’s the Dynamics 365 universe, where your ERP solution, Business Central, is part of an incredibly strong squad. All sub-solutions do what they do best – and are integrated right from the start so that data can flow freely between apps in the common data model.

A new way forward for ERP software

Easier to update ERP solution

ERP software in Dynamics 365 Business Central, which replaces NAV, is also constructed in a new way, making upgrading the solution far easier and cheaper.

All customisations are outside the system core as so-called extensions. And they remain there, while the basic ERP solution itself is upgraded.

This means that your ERP solution can be kept up to date with the latest functionality from Microsoft far more cheaply than today.

Easier to update ERP solution

Enjoy the optimal ERP take-off with NORRIQ

NORRIQ develops and implements modern, standardised and value-creating ERP solutions that streamline and simplify everyday life for our customers. We are experts in optimising, supporting and gathering all business processes on a simple, robust and modern business platform.

NORRIQ has developed and implemented thousands of successful ERP solutions in Denmark and a long list of other countries. We employ the most skilled and competent project managers, consultants and system developers in the industry.

NORRIQ has invested a great deal of resources in being able to accompany our customers – and new customers – from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. As a result, NORRIQ is now one of Denmark’s most experienced companies when it comes to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. And it goes without saying that our own software solutions are ready for Dynamics 365.

NORRIQ is a consultancy and technology company. Our broad and deep understanding of business coupled with our digital insight ensures that we reach every part of the business and across the entire value chain. With NORRIQ, you only need one partner when it comes to ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, e-commerce and PIM.

Enjoy the optimal ERP take-off with NORRIQ

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