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Microsoft Project Operations is an application designed to help businesses deliver, manage, and track project-based services. As one of the leading Cloud-based project management solutions, Project Operations helps users from lead generation to billing with scheduling, estimating, forecasting, progress tracking, and even more. Our highly skilled team of consultants have successfully implemented Project Operations at several companies worldwide.

Contract management check_circle

Win contracts thanks to improved contract management and accurate project quotes/estimations.

Optimise your team people

Optimise your allocation of staffing and time resources.

Schedules dashboard

Plan and deploy projects in a flexible way with the features of Microsoft Project.

Teamwork cloud_done

Simplify team-based communication, document usage, and transparency throughout the project with seamless integration of Microsoft Teams.

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Reduce costs with optimised resource management, time tracking, and expense management.

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Respond quickly to changing market demands by understanding your project setup and financial data through analytics in Power BI.

Project Operations offers enhanced functionalities

Most of the functionality within Project Operations will be familiar to existing Project Service Automation users, but with the added benefit of more advanced project planning tools, including a Gantt Chart, drag & drop project planning, and advanced accounting functionality. The dual write functionality of Microsoft's Power Platform ensures that data is seamlessly integrated between your operational and financial systems so that data is processed in the best tool for the job.

Key Features of Project Operations 

  • Project management – ​​Built-in tools help users produce accurate quotes, including costs, efforts, and revenue. These figures enable managers to plan feasible, efficient projects. By ensuring that the project results match the contract terms, companies will earn the trust of their customers. Managers can view and track all costs and timelines in intuitive dashboards to ensure projects stay on track and are delivered successfully and on time.
  • Resource Optimization – Using a unified scheduling engine, Project Operations intelligently assigns tasks based on employee (team) skills, location, and resource availability. The schedule appears on real-time dashboards that give managers a deep understanding of where their resources are allocated and how to make the most of them while also providing their resources with the relevant details they need to complete their work.
  • Profit forecasting – Within Project Operations, the unified Sales Management dashboard brings together product and project related opportunities and advises users which deals should be prioritized. The data enables users to highlight risky deals, identify the deals' predicted profits, and calculate them based on cost, effort, and revenue figures.
  • Communication – Using a portal, users can communicate directly with customers and project stakeholders during the planning and execution phase. Tools such as Microsoft Teams are used to collaborate and communicate during projects.
  • Productivity Tools – Intuitive time submission options ensure project resources are never late. Users can submit, approve, and reconcile both hours and expenses from anywhere using the dedicated Dynamics 365 mobile application from Android and iOS devices. The high accessibility means that project managers can react quickly to project changes. They can spot and address risks by following the key performance indicator displayed in the dashboard.

Experience the benefits yourself 

  • Customer Satisfaction – With various communication tools and accurate forecasting, Project Operations enables project managers to provide customers with up-to-date information on costs and timing. Customers are always informed and consulted about possible changes throughout the implementation process. The management and forecasting tools ensure that your projects are delivered on time and to a high standard.

  • Empower users – Project resources can access Project Operations from a browser and on a mobile device, giving them the flexibility they need to do their job correctly. Resources also have their individual profiles that they can customize by adding their skills, helping project managers select the job they want. With the planning tool, they know they can see all the high-level details they need to know before starting a project.

  • Save resources – Scheduling and resource management capabilities provide real-time transparency into resource supply and allocation. Managers immediately know which resources are available and can decide to use them adequately. Forecasts can intelligently predict when there will be a demand for resources, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


Of course, the integration possibilities.  

  • Dynamics 365 Sales - Integration with Sales enables seamless collaboration on project contracts, labour rates and timesheets.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Services - Integration with the Customer Services application makes it possible to successfully deliver projects and support them to the same high standard after delivery.
  • Microsoft 365 - Project Operations has easy access to communication and collaboration tools, with the audio, video and document management capabilities of Office 365.
  • Customer Insights - Survey insights enable teams to act on customer feedback and improve project delivery.

The values of NORRIQ as a partner

  • Standardized and ready-to-use solution: At NORRIQ, you will have access to a broad range of ready-to-use business solutions that cover your entire value chain with user-friendly and intelligent functionalities.

  • Professional advice and unbeatable service: At NORRIQ, you will find the best advisors and consultants in the sector. Our starting point is always your company, your growth ambition and your competitive situation. Then we throw ourselves 100% into making you happy.

  • We know your sector: we have the best practices. We know your business through and through and understand your business processes. We know your challenges and have undoubtedly already implemented similar solutions.


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