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Whether it's about traditional customer service, or about giving your running service technicians the best conditions for delivering a fast, efficient, and excellent customer experience, NORRIQ has the expertise of creating standardized, automated and efficient processes that will change your service center to a profit center.

Offer the best customer service people

Take the company's customer service to new heights and maintain your customers. The solution enables you to deliver fast and customized customer service that provides high customer satisfaction. Keep track of all queries, no matter what channel they come from, and answer them with correct information. Automate your confirmation flow and define automatic routines and escalation rules.

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Streamline your driving service directions_car

If you have driving service technicians, you can now get a complete and efficient solution that optimizes all processes in your service business. Plan better and get more customer agreements per day. Make your technicians more efficient and competent with access to all relevant customer and product data through mobility. And get a more proactive service concept that solves service issues before they occur.

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Service your customers online screen_share

Move your service online and offer customers new flexible and accessible options. Allow your customers to find answers to their questions themselves or chat with you. Create communities, self-service opportunities, and dedicated customer portals. The possibilities are many to offer your customers online service.

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Business Intelligence provides insight into your service pie_chart

Get insight into which services your customers use, how often and for what. Get an overview of your efficiency and ability to meet customer expectations. With Business Intelligence, you don't have to guess. You get insights that you can trade on.

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Are you missing a maintenance system for the production equipment? build

Active management of maintenance of e.g., Machines, buildings, running equipment, hand tools keeps your business productive and secure. With Field Service, you can quickly put it all in the system.

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Business development with a focus on service

When you want to develop your business, find new sources of revenue, and maintain and attract new customers, you can benefit from launching new or improving your current service models. Developing your additional and ongoing service is based on your knowledge of customers and products, but it is crucial to think about the possibilities of digitization in your service concepts. The options for creating significant value for your customers and your business are many - and often surprisingly easy to get started.

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