Our member solution in a nutshell

Centralise your services bubble_chart

Use one clear and well-organised database - this makes working and cooperating a piece of cake! A positive influence for all departments. Both for Accounting and for Administration and Management. 

Empowering the member team supervised_user_circle

Get the best out of your members and staff! With the right tool, member interaction is much more accessible and members can easily manage and update their own information. 

Microsoft Dynamics as platform cloud_done

Count on Microsoft for a high-quality platform with extensive expertise. The programmes and the way of working are widely known and therefore easier to implement in your member organisation.

No hidden costs credit_card

We use a modular platform and price package - you can start with a basic package and add integrations over the years. This way, your tool can grow with your member organisation.

Our references speak for themselves.

When we say we speak from experience, we mean it! Here are some of our satisfied customers.

Automation of your member management

Your members are the core of your organisation. Correct and automated member management is therefore crucial. Make your life easier with an easy member registration where your members can register themselves or update their data via a channel of your choosing. 

Nothing is as annoying in a member database as outdated information. With this solution, you can allow your members to update their data themselves, and the most recent data will all automatically appear in your CRM system.

Of course, you can also choose which information your members can update themselves and which you manage yourself. 


Communicate with ease

Communication is central to every organisation. Your association or federation is no exception. Take control and build a lasting relationship with your members. Using personalised email marketing, you can keep all members, or only certain groups informed about the latest news or a change in guidelines quickly and easily. For each member or group, an overview can be displayed of the communication they have received and whether they have interacted with it. 

Organising events will also become much easier. Whether you want to organise an actual meeting or prefer an online event, it is all possible. 

Sending out invitations, reminders, and confirmations has never been easier! Microsoft Dynamics easily keeps track of registrations, subscriptions and attendees for you. So you can focus on your members. Afterwards, you can send a thank-you note to all those present via this event module.


Overview of data and finances

All information is centralised, making it possible to display all your data in clear charts and reports. Do you want to see how many active members your association has? Or do you want to see the growth in the number of members per month?  Is it time for a report? You can display these dashboards at a meeting or even share them with a user so that everyone always has insight into the correct data at the right time, and adjustments can be made if necessary.

But also for monitoring your membership fees, automation is an immense advantage. Whether you are a commercial organisation or not, integration with the financial cell is always essential. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics, financial management in your organisation can be greatly simplified. You can quickly get an overview of paid and unpaid membership fees. And if necessary, you can send out a payment reminder or even have it sent automatically! 
We can then seamlessly integrate this functionality with your accounting package or other financial systems. Your finance department will be very happy.


Your membership management with NORRIQ

NORRIQ as your digital partner

Over the years, NORRIQ has built a great deal of experience in various sectors. For each sector, we have built an ecosystem around Dynamics 365, a cluster of best practices and application innovations. 

Naming 'member organisations' is very simple. Are you an association, organisation or federation that takes care of a specific target group? Do you keep a member register for this target group? Do you wish to communicate to these members, member managers or organisations? Or do you have other goals you want to achieve with them?

With NORRIQ Membership Management, you have come to the right place! 


We combine our experience with the power of Microsoft!

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) as the backbone, you can count on quality. 

Do you already have applications that do the work for you? Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates with MS Office products such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams. 

But not only Microsoft products integrate with Dynamics. We can provide many integrations with applications that your organisation already uses. For example, your Marketing team works with Mailchimp or Omnisend for their email marketing strategy, or your Finance department has an accounting package for the financial tasks – it can be fully integrated into your new Dynamics strategy. The flexible license package allows you to put together the solution that works best for your organisation together with NORRIQ.

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