NORRIQ covers your entire value chain

NORRIQ makes it easier for trading and wholesale companies to handle a broader product mix, and to meet increasingly sophisticated demands from customers and suppliers. The solution also helps maintain your customers through stronger, loyalty-creating relationships and better customer service in a highly competitive industry. With NORRIQ Wholesale you get automated your order and product flow, better overview of cost and sale prices, improved inventory management, distribution and purchasing. Boost your sales with mobile sales tools, web-based customer service, e-commerce and CRM.

Strengthen your wholesaler's performance

NORRIQ is based on Dynamics NAV and NORRIQ's industry-oriented supplementary solutions.

Full overview of the warehouse

Avoid empty shelves and pick plugs. Minimize handling costs - whether you have one or more stocks. The formula for success called: the right product for the right customer at the right time. NORRIQ ensures this. The secret weapon is called online hand scanners and barcodes that record the item correctly for you — every time. The solution strengthens the dialogue between sales and production by ensuring that the sellers can only release orders for goods that are in stock. It improves customer service. At the same time, NORRIQ also streamlines your pallet accounts, shipping bills, and label prints, and automatically informs warehouse staff about product placement, picking and shipping, so delivery is done as quickly as possible - and the customer experience is brought to the top.


Strengthen sales with e-commerce and mobility

Save time. Save resources. The solution is called e-commerce and customer service. NORRIQ contains a complete webshop that opens up for resource-saving customer self-service. You move your familiar finance, order, inventory, logistics, and sales processes onto your e-commerce platform. Combining with an electronic catalog, you optimize both the customer experience and save time and money - just as you can easily tailor the catalog to the individual customer's needs. Combining with CRM and BI, you can make successful campaigns and use customers' digital footage from the webshop to analyze their preferences and behavior - and much more. And with NORRIQ's mobile sales solution, the sellers always have the most critical information at hand.


Financial and business management

You can get a full overview of cost and sales prices. Strengthen liquidity. Get control of inventory values. The finance function in NORRIQ makes it easy to overlook the cost and sales prices, which is essential for a company that lives on the margins. You can also easily see the contribution margin on goods, product groups, and suppliers, and thus can make the right - and most profitable - decisions about your product range. The solution also automates your inventory and makes inventory and purchasing needs transparent to both finances and management. With BI, it becomes easier to get accurate knowledge of where the value is created in the warehouse, so you take the right supply chain decisions.


Why choose NORRIQ?

NORRIQ is based on many years of experience in securing value with IT in wholesale companies. Some of the strongest brands in the world have chosen NORRIQ.

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