Transform marketing and sales with ready-to-use solutions. Find inspiration here.

NORRIQ has extensive experience in standardizing and automating the marketing and sales processes with ready-to-use IT solutions. Below you can see examples of solutions that will help you to a more efficient and value-creating everyday life.

Streamline your sales process and get better sales results with CRM business

A strong CRM solution increases the efficiency of processing prospects and customers. Easily manage data and lead management.

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Get bigger marketing muscles with the right tools forum

Enhance your marketing muscle significantly with an integrated Marketing Automation solution. Targeted and effective campaigns are just around the corner.

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Give sales the best conditions with mobility directions_car

With the Mobile Sales Office, the sellers always have all the important information about both products and customers at your fingertips. It saves time and administration, and opens up new opportunities.

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E-commerce: Sell 24/7 and internationally credit_card

With e-commerce, your customers can easily access your products and services. Integrate with your ERP and get an easy-to-maintain solution.

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With PIM, you control the product information bubble_chart

With Product Information Management (PIM), marketing needs to use fewer resources to update product information across your channels.

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Business Intelligence provides insight into your performance pie_chart

Who sells the most, of what, to whom and how fast? Which customers do you most benefit from, what do they buy - and what do they not buy? Where does traffic go to the website and which campaigns convert best? Get an overview of your performance in a single dashboard.

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When marketing and sales embrace the new opportunities

The drastic changes that the new digital reality has created require close collaboration between marketing and sales. Marketing contributes valuable customer data and insights that can automate a large part of the sales process and increase both customer loyalty and earnings. Sales have to a greater extent become an advisor who can put the product in relation to the customer's business and work processes. But common to both functions is that today there are many opportunities to automate and digitize the work processes in favor of both marketing, sales - and not least the customer.

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