Transform the production with ready-to-use solutions. Find inspiration here.

NORRIQ has extensive experience with all types of production. Upgrade your processes with ready-to-use IT solutions that can streamline your production. Below you can see examples of solutions that will help you to a more efficient and value-creating everyday life.

Streamline your entire value chain with a complete production solution business

Read more about the complete production solution that ensures optimal flows across your value chain and ensures high efficiency, minimizes waste and creates the best conditions for growth.

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Get control of your products with an optimal inventory management solution archive

With a warehouse management solution, you get a large number of functions that streamline and simplify the workflows in the warehouse. Increase the accuracy of the records, make picking easy and quick with hand terminals and much, much more.

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Take advantage of Business Intelligence and Analytics pie_chart

Too many manufacturing companies are challenged by time-consuming manual reporting, and do not reap the competitive advantages of converting data into insights. There are no missing data. These are the right tools.

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Are you missing a maintenance system for the production equipment? build

Active management of maintenance of e.g. Machines, buildings, running equipment, hand tools keep your business productive and secure. With Field Service you can easily put it all in system.

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Production made more efficient

The demands of a modern production company and its production management are greater than ever before. Production management includes the activities that control the processes that transform raw materials and components into finished products. By embracing the opportunities offered by standardization and automation, the company can minimize costs, deliver on time and in the right quality, meet customer requirements while maintaining traceability.

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