NORRIQ covers your entire value chain

The combination of our strong competencies within the manufacturing industry and our 360 degree focus means that we can deliver production solutions that optimize your processes, bring you 80-90% in goals virtually from day one - and ensure that you come quickly and risk-free in goals with the rest.

Reduce delivery time - without increasing storage ties.

Strengthen competitiveness with better planning, optimized supply chain and minimal inventory retention. At the same time get a completely different overview and the opportunity to manage finances and wages in completely new ways.

Production Optimization

Streamline routes and operations. Ensure that you comply with delivery times, utilize resources optimally, and thus cost optimize. With NORRIQ, you create coherence between your planning, quality assurance, and production. NORRIQ also helps you order goods at the right time and quantity. To ensure that you always have the right raw materials and semi-finished products in stock for a given production and completion, regardless of whether we speak assembly or distribution. Tracking of goods is facilitated because all processes are automated. It increases transparency and improves traceability on the serial number, LOT number, and batch level.



Looking forward to effective planning, which in practice, means your plans are in line with reality. Save time and deliver faster by letting the system propose the most optimal purchases and orders of the production orders concerning resource occupancy, bottlenecks, and capacity smoothing capabilities. Look into the future with forecasts, and be proactive in terms of purchasing and capacity planning. Make sure you make money from production with efficient management of suppliers' prices and delivery capabilities - all in one place.


Optimize sales and marketing

Create lasting customer relationships. Close agreements. Grow your business. NORRIQ makes it easy to optimize your sales and marketing processes - from commission management to receiving EDI orders via your website, which many of your customers and suppliers demand. Give the sellers mobile, up-to-date product catalogs, and price lists in the field on tablets or laptops, which also gives them access to the current inventory, customer turnover, etc. Or integrate and use NORRIQ together with an e-commerce platform. Also, manage your relationships with customers and prospects with a robust CRM solution and set up a turbo on marketing with Marketing Automation. NORRIQ can also help with customer portals.


Management information and financial management

In addition to classical financial management with accounting and management of finance, creditors, debtors, and fixed assets, NORRIQ Production collects time and materials. It is creating a time-saving and 100% accurate basis for salary and post-calculation. NORRIQ Production also increases your business relationship through analyzes, forecasts, and forecasts. When the sellers register their estimates, the solution automatically breaks down the estimates for raw material requirements — making it easy for purchases and production to order from suppliers. And you integrate with BI, you can analyze data from many sources, and in real time see everything from the suppliers' performance to the optimization potential of your processes, profitability - and much more.


Why choose NORRIQ?

NORRIQ is based on many years of experience in securing value with IT in the manufacturing industry. Some of the strongest companies have chosen NORRIQ.

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