Do the job once instead of twice

In a competitive business and rapidly changing world, being proactive and having connected interactions is the only way to do business efficiently and keep your customers happy. The Dynamics 365 Field Service business application helps organizations deliver service, onsite or remotely, using workflows, automation, scheduling, and AI algorithms. With high digital mobility and the necessary insights, you can help your field service employees achieve success anytime and anywhere. Save time and make your business smart and agile with the power of Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Manage your requests.
Focus on better response times using technology

  • Customer portal
    Engage your customers and give them 24/7 access to their service needs with a self-service portal with real-time technician tracking and text messaging.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    Operators can issue tickets for opportunities or create work orders with just one easy click.
  • Agreement orders
    If an agreement has predefined recurring service intervals, Dynamics 365 Field Service automatically creates work orders.
  • Automatic troubleshooting
    IoT can automatically solve problems by deploying predefined commands without the need for human interaction.
  • IoT-Connectivity
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service enables users to connect to Azure IoT, where work orders can be automatically created based on IoT triggers, and who in turn can schedule technician visits. 

Planning board (scheduling).
Plan work efficiently and make your business more profitable.

  • Planning and dispatch
    Plan manually, assisted or optimized. The planning board and scheduling engine ensure that only available technicians can be scheduled.

  • Intelligent scheduling optimization
    You can choose the right technician manually or with the help of automation (semi-automation – with suggested potential qualified resources, or fully automated – where the algorithm automatically plans in combination with goals/constraints).

  • Route optimization
    Technicians get optimized work route plans that make their working day more efficient and significantly reduce transportation costs.

  • Planning multiple requirements
    Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO) automatically schedules the required people, groups of equipment and facilities best equipped to perform the task.

  • “What if?” optimization
    If something doesn't go as planned, e.g. cancelled bookings, emergency schedules, traffic congestion, road works, etc., Dynamics 365 Field Service will find a way to reduce travel time vs to reduce working time.


Mobile solutions.
Empower your technicians with a powerful mobile solution.

  • Scan barcode
    Technicians can easily scan barcodes or components and access product manuals with their mobile devices.

  • Work schedule
    A quick and easy overview of each technician's work schedule, along with work orders, bookings and GPS to navigate.

  • E-signature
    Electronic work order completion with customers giving their e-signatures on site.

  • Online and offline
    Even without an internet connection, you can be sure that everything you enter in the mobile app will be synchronized as soon as you are back online.

  • Remote assistance
    With Remote Assist technology, more experienced technicians can assist junior technicians remotely using only their phone/mobile device.

  • 360° Customer History
    Any technicians can access full customer history from anywhere.


Integrate and Synchronize.
Seamlessly connect your existing ERP, BI solution or IoT technology to integrated field service processes.

  • ERP
    Leverage data from your ERP and automate work order generation with inventory data, customer data, product and service data.

  • Business Intelligence
    Power BI analytics – visualize data and pull insights for better and easier decision making.

  • IoT data flows
    Use Azure IoT diagnostics, planning, asset maintenance and inventory on the same platform to move from “Break-fix” to “Proactive and predictive service”.



"The Field Service system that NORRIQ developed for us is the beating heart of our organization. Without automation there would undoubtedly have been no increase of 20 million euros in five years. "

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