The Field Service system that NORRIQ developed for us is the beating heart of our organization. Without automation there would undoubtedly have been no increase of 20 million euros in five years.

Eric Maertens
CEO van B-Close
Eric Maertens | CEO

Exponential growth at B-Close thanks to NORRIQ

B-Close won back their investment many times

Saves time and money pie_chart

Effective scheduling of technician work with the Field Service app saves B-Close both time and money - and helps customers get help quickly.

The company has grown people

Since the implementation of Field Service, the number of technicians has risen from 80 to 115 and the number of administrative employees has increased 10%.

Optimal control announcement

Optimal control of contracts and deadlines ensures that price and quality requirements are met and adapted to specific needs.

Increased revenue trending_up

Automation and field service have resulted in a significant increase in revenue - equivalent to 20 million euros in just 5 years.

Smart processes directions_car

For example, the automatic refilling of service vehicles, so technicians can concentrate 100% on customers when they work.

Better decisions place

Real-time information with Business Intelligence makes it possible to make decisions quickly and with more information.

The unique service package from B-CLOSE

CEO Eric Maertens: “B-CLOSE offers a total service in which the customer determines the content of his product. We take care of both the delivery and configuration of the truck as well as a full service package such as rental, periodic maintenance or full service contracts. With more than a thousand customers we have a lot of data to process - from the machines and from the customers. Thorough automation was therefore very urgent."
CEO Eric Maertens came to NORRIQ via a market analysis because of their experience in the car leasing sector. “We offer different rental formulas, with or without fluctuating rates. In addition, we also do third-party leasing. A lot of logistics work is involved, and then we are not yet selling. And, we are primarily a service company."

Eric Maertens Production plant

Always know who is where

With 115 technicians on the job who are responsible for 1300 Belgian customers, accurate resource planning is a necessity. "With NORRIQ Field Service we have continuous insight into which technician is located where. We promise on serving our customers within 4 hours so that we can ensure the continuity of their business. Field Service provides a complete overview of tasks and routes in an interactive dashboard. This allows us to coordinate easily and quickly even when changes occur."

Intuitive and user-friendly mobile app

When the technician arrives at the customer, he records on the Field Service app how many hours he spends, the number of activities he performs and the materials he has used. It is necessary that the app is very user-friendly and intuitive. The more research work the technician has, the more mistakes can be made. The main task of the technician is of course the maintenance or repair of the forklifts. "In short, our technicians are good at repairing the lifts, but not in IT. With the NORRIQ Field Service app it's done easily and correctly."

B-Close Machinery

Fast invoicing

The mobile Field Service app continuously synchronizes with our customer service at the office. There are different Service Level Agreements in place for the sale and rental of forklifts and there are also often long payment periods. Because everything synchronizes automatically, invoicing can take place very quickly.

Automated stock management for optimum service

“Since our services are so unique, efficient stock management is important. So we not only have 3 fixed stock spaces, but we also use the vans of the technicians as stock. The technicians provide via a mobile Field Service application which work material they need, and the order is handled by the logistics service. The stock of the service vehicles is literally restocked overnight, "the CEO continues.


B-Close Machinery

Clear reporting for more insight

B-CLOSE also uses the system to automatically extract clear reports from the extensive information: which machines most often show defects? What is the net return on rental? How can we prevent the technicians from spending too much time in the car? They are supported in this by Business Intelligence.

Reliable partner with sector knowledge at the basis for growth

"The Field Service system that NORRIQ developed for us is the beating heart of our organization. The consultants at NORRIQ actively think along to translate our specific challenges into a workable 360 ° business system. As a Microsoft partner, it brought an innovative, intuitive and future-proof system that guarantees the growth of B-CLOSE. It not only saves us time and effort, but also a lot of costs. Without automation, there would no doubt have been an increase of 20 million euros in five years."

Eric Maertens production plant

Interested in how to maximize your profits with Field Service?

With CRM you put the customer first and you create the type of customer transport that increases sales and loyalty and at the same time reduces costs. With NORRIQ you can be sure that you can quickly start creating profitable and long-term customer relationships.

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