3 good reasons for Field Service


Field Service gives you the full overview of tasks, technicians, and routes in an interactive dashboard. Here you can easily and quickly coordinate and change - and make room for more customer visits per day.


Make service engineers more efficient with mobile apps. They can check important information about customers, plants, current, and new tasks and see routes at any time.


Monitor customer facilities through the cloud, and receive alerts and maintenance needs at customers' facilities before the damage occurs, thereby strengthening customer relationships.

From service center to profit center

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Optimize your entire service organization

Boost planning

Sharp planning is the foundation for effective resource management. With Dynamics 365 Field Service, your service technicians and coordinators get several tools. Tools that automatically schedule appointments and make it easier than ever to find and send the right technician to the job.

The service coordinators can monitor who will perform what tasks when in real-time. A map shows where the technician is. Therefore, in the event of cancellations or new tasks, your coordinators can easily redistribute resources, find the nearest technician, and assign the most gasoline-economical driving route.


Optimize the management of your service agreements

Field Service gives you a complete overview of the customer's facilities - and thus, the best basis for making service agreements. But not only that.

With Field Service, you also get the optimal tool for managing service agreements, including recurring service calls and contracts, installed systems, and warranties. The solution makes it easy for your service team to register tasks and ensure that the job is done in accordance with the service agreement concluded with the customer.



Increase customer satisfaction with proactive service

Field Service can "talk" to sensors in customer equipment through the cloud, automatically alerting you to the need for preventative maintenance.

It enables you to predict the failure of the customer's plant. This way, you can solve the problems before the customers even discover them - and before the problems become so large that they require even more expensive repairs.


Get more satisfied employees

Send your people on the go with a user-friendly, modern-looking app that runs on any device (iOS, Android, Windows).

Make life easy thanks to a geographical map and real-time access to customer data, technical information, etc.

Make sure their app is always available online and offline.


Give technicians easy access to everything - anywhere

Make your engineers more efficient by giving them access to critical information anytime, anywhere. Everything is at your fingertips.

From their smartphone, tablet, or PC, technicians can easily view ongoing and new tasks from the coordinators. Check customer information. See installation instructions. Update information. Low service reports. They can also easily photo-document tasks, record materials and time - and get the customer's receipt for work done. Give technicians easy access to everything - anywhere.


Everything you need to effectively manage service technicians

Control the service agreements credit_card

With Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can easily and quickly collect customer information, SLAs and get an overview of maintenance tasks.

Plant management place

Manage your service customers' locations and facilities, and get a better, 360-degree view of customers and history.

Easy inventory management business

Manage the warehouse more efficiently and increase the response time to service customers through a better overview of your warehouses, right down to the service car level.

Simple planning bubble_chart

Optimize the scheduling of your service tasks with intelligent features that ensure the job is done by the right person.

Fast billing shopping_cart

Create the invoice at the same moment, the assignment ends with the customer and thus ensure faster and more accurate invoicing.

Easy maintenance management screen_share

Offer more proactive service with automated service maintenance processes.

Integrated communication people

Optimize the collaboration between your customer service, running service technicians and customers with integration to e.g. Skype for Business.

Smart apps school

Make your service engineers more efficient with mobile access to important business information and business processes.

Field Service caused the growth to explode at B-Close

"The system that NORRIQ has developed for us is the lifeblood of our business. The consultants at NORRIQ understood how to translate our specific challenges into a usable 360 ° business system. "

"As a Microsoft partner, they managed to create an innovative, intuitive, and future-proof system that ensures the growth of B-CLOSE. It not only saves us time and effort but also a lot of costs. Without the Field Service automation, we certainly wouldn't have achieved an increase of EUR 20 million in five years. "

Eric Maertens, CEO B-CLOSE

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