Business intelligence has never been easier, faster and more intelligent than with Power BI

Power BI puts turbo on data analysis, visualization and reporting, and makes your knowledge active and mobile. Get started with Business Intelligence the easy way.

Drag and drop analysis layers

Explore and combine data from different sources by simply dragging them into an Excel sheet. Data analysis has never been easier.

Visualize your knowledge in seconds movie

Ready-to-use visualization templates and drag-and-drop data imports ensure that you can make reports with easy-to-understand, top-professional graphics in express speed.

Make your knowledge active and mobile people

Share reports with decision makers across the organization on mobile devices and apps. The reports are interactive and updated automatically.

Explore the possibilities of Power BI

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How can you use Power BI in your role?

Whatever you work with, it takes you five minutes to create easy-to-understand and accurate business reports

Power BI in the finance department business

Do you get the right answers about your financial performance, earnings and profitability, CAPEX, and costs? Get the answers and share them with the management in seconds with Power BI, making it easy to collect and analyze data from many sources.

Power BI in sales bubble_chart

Power BI improves your sales forecast, shows you how to achieve even more ambitious goals, and increases your profitability. sale. Put your sales pipeline under control, analyzes, and watch the results in a few seconds in a dashboard that speaks with your CRM system.

BI and marketing screen_share

Are you struggling with marketing data from campaigns, web and social media and online marketing? Make it easy to get the big picture with Power BI, which makes it easy to monitor and analyze your marketing activities so you use the power of the right channels.

Power BI i HR people

Do you need to get even better overview of your introductions, employee development in relation to the goals, employee retention etc.? Power BI makes it easy to collect and monitor all the important data so you can help your employees and management the best.

Power BI i IT departments check

Do you want to increase productivity and gather all your data in one place on networks, services, applications and security? Or do you want to strengthen your Helpdesk through a better overview of risks? This, and more, you can with Power BI's smart dashboards that can monitor everything from your AD to Zendesk.

Power BI throughout the company repeat

Get a comprehensive data view somewhere - and combine for example. data from production and distribution, or see performance, trends and resource needs in your stores - and much more. If you are a data-driven company, Power BI makes it quick to view, analyze and share data from many sources.

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