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Dynamicweb offers ready-to-use solutions for various business challenges. The solutions minimize implementation time through standard integrations and solution concepts for configuration and sales. NORRIQ has been named Premium Solution Partner by Dynamicweb, which is the highest partner level that can be achieved.

All-In-One Platform bubble_chart

One platform for Content, e-commerce and Marketing.

Built to scale business

Based on flexible Microsoft. NET technology.

Multiple online channels ondemand_video

Personalize messages for all online channels.

Global business check

Multisites, multi languages, local currency and VAT.

B2B and B2C shopping_cart

One platform that both supports B2B and B2C.

Quick implementation repeat

Ready-to-use and best practice solutions.

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Do you want to know more about e-commerce and Dynamicweb

Why you should choose Dynamicweb

Looking for a strong foundation for your online universe? A customisable solution that will strengthen both your online shop and your business? Then look no further than Dynamicweb.

Unites all four corners of the globe in one online universe

Dynamicweb is one of the only platforms on the market to cover all four facets of an online business, i.e. website, online shop, marketing and Product Information Management (PIM). A combination that allows you to customise and use all your content on all your channels and deliver individual customer experiences across your entire business. Coupled with Dynamicweb’s ability to scale and integrate with other systems, you have the reason why thousands of companies have chosen to base their online business on Dynamicweb. 

Modern tools that boost your marketing

If we focus on the marketing section of Dynamicweb, there are a number of specific tools that can strengthen your marketing department from day one. With Dynamicweb, you can define different categories of visitors to your website and ensure that they are exposed to the content that is most relevant to them. By extension, B2B companies can also work much more purposefully with leads by identifying the companies that visit and build a pipeline of leads from there, based, among other things, on their behaviour on the website. The better you know your potential customers, the more you sell. 

Discover the benefits of data-driven marketing

The reports node in Dynamicweb allows you to set up standard automated reports so you can keep track of the progress of your website’s performance. For example, you can see which pages have the highest bounce rate, making it easier to prioritise which pages to work on. You can also gain insight into the conversion rate among customers who have found your site through specific keyword combinations, allowing you to ensure that your site is search engine optimised at all times.

With Dynamicweb, it is easy to perform so-called Split Tests, where you set up two versions of your content, allowing you to find out which elements of your digital marketing work – and which ones don’t. This can be anything from headings and colours of buttons to key campaign messages. On this basis, you can continuously develop and refine the elements that convert best, and make decisions based on facts.

NORRIQ is a Premium Solution Partner

NORRIQ has been named as a Premium Solution Partner by Dynamicweb, which means we are the people to ask if you are interested in a strong e-commerce solution based on Dynamicweb. We’re here to help!

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