We were looking for a system that met today's needs and a partner who not only executed, but also thought along with us about solutions, could present best practices and challenged us. We finally found the solution with NORRIQ.

Isabelle Myncke
Director KLJ / Groene Kring
Isabelle Myncke | Director KLJ

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Thanks to NORRIQ, the member administration now runs a lot smoother and the users are extremely enthusiastic.

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The environment is both accessible and usable on the smartphone and tablet.

Future business

In time, the membership administration can be expanded with a full member portal. The basics are in place!

Discover the partnership between NORRIQ and KLJ / Groene Kring

Less frustration, better performance  

For KLJ / Groene Kring a fast, streamlined operation is a must. The association, therefore, decided to rely on the expertise of NORRIQ to tackle the slow working and even counteracting system.

Isabelle Myncke, Director of the association: "Our old system caused a lot of frustration among users. It was slow, not adapted for mobile phones and very inefficient in design. The portal was not intuitive at all. The member administration of our local departments and regions could be done a lot better. This was the reason we started looking for a partner. A survey of the users done by NORRIQ quickly revealed the pain points of the old system. Immediately it became crystal clear what wishes there were and what functionalities were missing. We were looking for a system that meets today's needs and a partner that not only implemented but also thought along with us about solutions, could present best practices and challenged us. We finally found a solution with NORRIQ."

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A crystal-clear plan

Isabelle very much liked the way NORRIQ works. "We started from the evaluation of the existing system, after which NORRIQ questioned the actual users. In this way, the needs and wishes became crystal clear and we were able to start working out a tailor-made solution. The project started under the name 'Click' and because the users were consulted from the start, the in-house engagement was enormous. The result? In 8 months, a custom portal was built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that meets our wishes perfectly. While we work with it behind the scenes and communicate directly with our departments, our people can register, delete members, sign up for activities and events and so on. The communication is a two-way process and it is also possible to send and receive e-mails and text messages from the system, which is quite an improvement. This is also reflected in the fact that after the first week, 1,000 of the 4,000 invited users had already started working with the system and more than 25,000 members have been registered in the meantime".

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A pleasure to work with

Time saving, ease of use and new features, these are just some of the advantages of the new system. "The portal is very well structured and a pleasure to work with. On top of that, we all received training and our own IT staff were also involved in the project. So we can perfectly do small adjustments ourselves. If we do have any questions, we can always contact the NORRIQ Care team. At the moment we have 4 different subsites that are brought together in one easy-to-manage portal. In the future, we will be able to integrate an additional member portal. So we have a future-oriented solution and are looking forward to a new collaboration with NORRIQ now that this project has been completed. Bring on that member portal!

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NORRIQ your partner in membership

The administrative and financial management of your members thanks to NORRIQ.

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