Put a face on your members with our central data management

NORRIQ Memberships is a 360 ° solution for members, the core of your organization.

Automate your membership management

Your members are the core of your organization. Correct and automated member management is crucial. NORRIQ Memberships is a 360 ° solution around members where the data is centralized and made available through a portal site. Through this portal site, your members can register themselves and pay their membership fees, and they can keep their personal information up-to-date, register for events, and so on.


Financial management and administration

The administrative and financial management of thousands of members is no easy task. Neither is keeping your members' information up-to-date. Automated membership management helps NORRIQ Memberships help you simplify administrative and financial management. Registration of new members, payment of membership fees... Everything is processed directly into your central database and your accounting.


Support your sales and marketing activities

Create sustainable relationships with your members. A quick and correct follow-up of incoming leads is an absolute must for this. With NORRIQ Memberships you can quickly follow up and qualify incoming leads directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thanks to the NORRIQ e-mail marketing platform, you can significantly improve your communication with your members and set up and follow up campaigns in a quick and easy way.


A custom BI solution

Do you always have an up-to-date overview of your membership number and its evolution? Which are your active members and which members may be stimulated? NORRIQ combines years of experience with member management of organizations with the knowledge of advanced BI solutions, giving you a clear overview of your members and more insight to better anticipate the future. Evaluate the campaigns you run and then make the right decisions for a successful future!


Why choose NORRIQ?

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