How to switch carefree from NAV to Business Central!

Microsoft continues to innovate, and today it does so with Dynamics 365 Business Central. This successor to the known Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is completely ready for a future in the Cloud.

Technology in the cloud

Are you ready for a future in which business processes are easier to manage? You better be, because Dynamics 365 Business Central is ready to elevate your ERP to a new level. NORRIQ helps you to step out of your familiar NAV environment, with tailor-made advice and support. In this way, your company is completely up to date with all the possibilities Business Central offers, and there are quite a few. This is how you upgrade from NAV to Business Central without the slightest struggle!

Dynamics 365 Business Central, what?

Dynamics NAV may sound familiar to you, but do you still have questions about Business Central for the time being? This successor to NAV is Microsoft's latest platform, developed to streamline business processes even more smoothly, and picks up where its predecessor stops. The biggest differences lie in the interface, which has taken a lot of steps in the right direction, and in addition, the platform offers unprecedented accessibility, but that's not all.

Business Central is built on three pillars: adapt faster, work smarter, perform better. The perfect combination to grow with the platform at your company’s pace, increase your productivity and efficiency, and gain better insight into your results.

Business Central in a nutshell

This upgrade is without a doubt a step in the right direction, but, why are we so sure? The new environment and way of working in Business Central offers more than just a modernized interface and brand new name. The many possibilities and advantages, are well worth the leap.  

Unseen accessibility

Being able to work anywhere and anytime, and access data on more than one device, has never been more important. With Business Central it is possible. This cloud-based solution is not only future proof, but also takes away a lot of complexity from its users. But, what is cloud-based? This simply means that local servers are a thing of the past, and your platform is easily accessible through your browser. As a result, updates are automatically pushed by Microsoft to the system, your data is always up-to-date, and always accessible. Most importantly, your data is completely safe. Thanks to the cloud, companies gain access to the latest Microsoft security techniques, and data is stored in extremely secure data centers.

Future proof

Business Central already has a very elaborate standard, much more extensive than its predecessor. But a company grows, and a system like Business Central is designed to grow with it. Expansion of the system therefore proceeds without any issues. Customizations don't require major projects, just adding so-called extensions. It is best to compare this with apps that offer extra functions. This is not only simple, time-saving, but also financially beneficial. Microsoft Appsource offers numerous extensions per industry or based on the nature of your needs.

The Power of the Platform

Boundaries between Microsoft Dynamics, Office, Power BI, and other applications increasingly blurred in recent years, and Business Central fully agrees. Thanks to integrations, the interconnectivity between these applications and the platform is much easier to achieve than with its predecessor Microsoft NAV. In short, you can enjoy all your trusted Microsoft applications as they are integrated on a single platform.

In addition, Power Platform offers a low-code solution. As a user, you are in control at all times and can easily set up flows and automations without any coding knowledge. With NAV, on the other hand, this is always a case of intricate customization.

Intuitive interface

Another improvement is definitely the dynamic interface of the platform. Not only does it look more appealing to the eye, it’s also much more user-friendly and intuitive. As a user, it’s completely up to you to decide how you work, and are able to personalize your own screens. Choosing and setting frequently used fields, creating filters and saving them… It's all possible without any coding.

This is how you make a worry-free switch!

Data migration & customisation

You can think of transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central without thinking of  data migration, and customization in your current system, Microsoft NAV. All master data from NAV is transferred using Excel, and nothing is lost. This can be done by you or by your NORRIQ consultant. You also retain your historical data. But, what happens to your current customization in NAV? Business Central already offers a broader standard than its predecessor, and covers a lot of the customizations made. When upgrading, your NORRIQ consultant will look at the other customizations, which will be further added with the help of extensions in Business Central.

When to upgrade?

Timing is key, and choosing the right time to switch is something important to consider. At NORRIQ we look at the best period for your company, but also at the availability of people. An upgrade is a project where collaboration is required and that  as the keyword, and that also demands input from people, even in this digital age.

NORRIQ ADVICE: “From experience we notice that most companies upgrade at the beginning of the financial year, in order to start with a clean slate when it comes to VAT returns and other reporting.”

NORRIQ consultants, the glue between Microsoft NAV and Business Central

Taking a lead into the unknown and upgrade, it is also the perfect time to critically examine current business processes, to ensure the suitable extensions are added to the standard, or to measure business processes against the standard. This so-called analysis process offers optimal support and a carefree transition. NORRIQ has years of experience in different business domains, and this has resulted in a lot of best practices. We offer an established added value in setting up business processes, translating these to the business needs, and that in the vocabulary of your company. Moreover, NORRIQ is one of the first Microsoft Partners in Belgium with a dedicated care team. Long story short, switching from Microsoft NAV to Business Central is hassle-free, with our experienced consultants and care heroes by your side.