Interview with NORRIQ Star Louise

Allow us to introduce our NORRIQ Star, Louise. Louise is 23 years old and has been working as a Business Consultant Finance at NORRIQ since September 2022. After completing her studies in Applied Economic Sciences and Tax Law, this is her first work experience.

Hey Louise, tell me, how does your day at NORRIQ look like, and what do you find most fulfilling?

As a Business Consultant at NORRIQ, you usually work on various projects, allowing you to interact with many different clients and work on diverse solutions. I find a lot of satisfaction in the social aspect of my job, including providing training, status calls, meetings with clients, and numerous internal collaborations with my colleagues.

What was the main reason for choosing NORRIQ?

I got to know NORRIQ at the Career Brunch of Ekonomika. Considering my background and studies, a job in the consultancy sector seemed logical, but I wasn't fully convinced yet. After the Career Brunch, we kept in touch, and I had a pleasant and informal first meeting. This positive feeling continued during the subsequent conversations, where I got to know NORRIQ and their approach to consultancy and client interactions better. This resonated with me, and not long after, I signed up for my first job.

As a new NORRIQ Star, do you receive enough guidance?

During my first month at NORRIQ, I participated in the NORRIQ Talent Academy, where I received intensive training alongside other new starters. Interestingly, this training was delivered by our own specialists. It was a great way to start my first work experience and get to know NORRIQ and my colleagues better.

After my first month, I was quickly assigned to various projects and had direct client visits. This allowed me to gain a good understanding of NORRIQ's project approach and learn a lot from my colleagues in a short period.

How did NORRIQ challenge you to step out of your comfort zone?

During my first few months and my initial project at NORRIQ, I had the opportunity to independently provide training to clients. Although I found this a bit nerve-wracking, given that I was still in training myself, I found a lot of satisfaction in doing so. I received great support from my colleagues, and the feeling of trust and responsibility was very gratifying.

How would you describe the company culture at NORRIQ?

I would describe the company culture at NORRIQ as very open. There is excellent communication and collaboration both among colleagues and with the management. For example, we always eat together during lunchtime, and it's enjoyable to have informal chats with your colleagues during breaks.

If someone is hesitant about joining NORRIQ, what could persuade them?

I find the way we collaborate and deliver projects together as a team very pleasant. Despite being a junior, I feel deeply involved and supported in every project. Colleagues are very helpful, and there is time and space to support each other. Additionally, I appreciate the freedom we have in approaching projects and organizing our workweek. We also have the option to work from home or the office.


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