Microsoft package: a complete solution

There are several reasons why Business Central is an absolute must to get the most of your business processes. One of these is the easy integration with other products and software from the entire Microsoft portfolio.

Choosing an ERP that works alongside and with your other business solutions means choosing for simplicity, efficiency and results.

Why Business Central? 

The Cloud, always and everywhere! 

Do you want access to your data and activities anytime, anywhere? Then Dynamics 365 Business Central meets the requirements. With this ERP solution, you will achieve your full business potential. You will have access to your data from anywhere; thanks to this Cloud-based solution, all you need is an internet connection. This gives you a real-time overview, and you no longer need on-premise structures and manual updates.

Your company is constantly evolving, including your data. Thanks to Dynamics Business Central, you can centralise your data in the Cloud. This way, your employees always have up-to-date and accurate information. The result? Increased productivity and more efficient work processes, from budgeting and planning to the execution and follow-up of daily tasks and projects.

Easy integration with other Microsoft solutions

Are you constantly switching applications or navigating between windows? It's an unnecessary waste of time. The time you can easily recover simply by integrating Business Central and Office 365. Integration makes it possible to streamline, simplify, and significantly increase your efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft applications and product suites. Plus, it's already built-in with Microsoft Power BI dashboards. With nearly endless options, you can also download and integrate apps or extensions from Microsoft AppSource.


Easy to integrate with


This integration gives you more data formatting options in addition to those available in Business Central. You can easily export documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and more to Word. You can format them and send the formatted version to customers.


Use the Excel functionality to organise your financial data. For example, you can export transactions to Excel and apply the filter, sort, chart and graph functions. A convenient and user-friendly way to gain insight into your data. You can even edit data from Business Central directly from your Excel application.


This offers the possibility to share files between employees across different departments. The biggest advantage? It allows you to store files outside your ERP system. This saves storage capacity and allows you to store your data in a shared location safely.


Do you want to sync your notes from Dynamics 365 Business Central to OneNote? You can simply drag and drop your files onto OneNote. Moreover, you can even link your personal notes. This way, you make your digital notes accessible to other people within your company.


Outlook, includes two Business Central integration applications:

Contact Insights: When you receive an email, the integration recognises the sender's relationship assigned in Business Central, such as supplier or customer. You can directly retrieve all information. Depending on the relationship, you can also perform actions, such as preparing quotations and drawing up sales agreements based on calendar invites without leaving your mail application.

Document View: you can access documents from your Business Central application that are referenced in an email. For example, the document number is recognised, and you can automatically retrieve this specific document in Outlook. Making changes is also possible. 

In short, you can perform many tasks from your email application without switching windows.

Thanks to integrating Business Central and other Microsoft products, your possibilities are endless. Not only do you gain in-depth insight into all your business data, but it also increases your ease of use. Increase the benefits of working with an ERP system and equip your company with the Microsoft total package!

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