NORRIQ always provides fantastic support. They are available when you need them, are helpful and have knowledge of their business. We believe that accessibility and flexibility are extremely important in an IT-partner.

Lisa Boucherie
Lisa Boucherie

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Navision build

Navision is the core of the company at Boucherie: from production and planning to warehousing, logistics, after sales and purchasing.

Partner people

Boucherie and NORRIQ have been partners since 2006. A whole range of developments has been implemented in the past.

Update business

In 2016, Boucherie decided to update their entire Navision package to the new standards, while saving the historical data.

Discover how the collaboration between NORRIQ and Boucherie has paid off.

Fit to the modern standards

The fact that the support of Navision 2006 would be discontinued, led to Boucherie reaching out to NORRIQ again to continue their ERP story.

Lisa Boucherie, the 4th generation of the company, says: “Since we had to switch to a new package anyway, we decided to go for more than just an upgrade. A lot of specifications that were on the wishlist were integrated additionally. ”

“The center of our company is the manufacturing accelerator used in the production department. We make nearly all parts ourselves and each part has an individual processing order. Thanks to Navision we can monitor this process and make sure each piece goes to the right machine and person for each operation. This is also connected to a time registration. With us, each machine forms a separate project in Navision and project management therefore is very important during an upgrade. We need to be able to monitor perfectly what has already happened, what still has to be done and in which phase each part is.

Boucherie manufacturing plant

The accounting department is also included

"The necessary upgrade was an excellent opportunity for us to include the Microsoft Business Central Accelerator for our accounting department. We formerly used another package that was linked to Navision through an interface. The fact that now everyone can work in the same environment in the same package offers many advantages". 

Boucherie's customers are also winning thanks to the update. "Ongoing projects can be monitored a lot better, making it possible to detect problems and delays more quickly within our processes. This has a positive effect on meeting agreed delivery deadlines. This is not easy, because we do not build standard machines. Everything is tailored to the customer's needs".

More information about the NORRIQ Business Central Accelerator?​

Boucherie offices

Accessibility as the ultimate benefit

Why Boucherie has chosen NORRIQ as a partner since 2006? "They always provide fantastic support. They are available when you need them, are helpful and knowledgeable. That accessibility and flexibility is very important to us," concludes Lisa.

The next steps are already planned. "Soon we will also implement the graphical planner in our system. Especially during meetings, a visual image that provides an overview is necessary. And this will be perfectly possible."

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ERP as a platform for growth

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