We chose NORRIQ because, based on the meetings and conversations, we were persuaded of their capabilities and knowledge to optimise our complex business processes.

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From hardware, software, supplies, IT support to even repairs and support — a whole range of products and services of Codipack. The assignment was clear, to streamline them to the best of our abilities. First on our to-do list, ensuring that all data flows smoothly through all departments, instantly being one of the biggest challenges, but at NORRIQ we don't shy away from those. The benefits of this collaboration?

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Information finally flows effortlessly through the various departments.

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Business Central leaves margin for growth and upscaling of production processes.

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You can now work anywhere, anytime, and information is always accessible and up-to-date.

NORRIQ – the right partner for Codipack

From a need for automation to searching for the right partner

After a thorough business analysis by Deloitte, the need for a targeted IT solution became clear. Offering such a wide range of products and services requires smooth cooperation between departments. In our world, this translates to an automation of business processes and a streamlined data transfer. Codipack, went looking for the perfect partner to implement Dynamics 365, and NORRIQ was able to convince them.

“We chose NORRIQ because, based on the meetings and conversations, we were persuaded of their capabilities and knowledge to optimise our complex business processes.”  – Codipack

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Business Central, all-round platform with a margin for growth 

Codipack opted for the full range of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Why? Dynamics 365 was developed to grow with any company, and this was also a requirement for Codipack. Together with them, we found the right way to set up the various software packages, while leaving a margin for future growth and upscaling of current production processes. Dynamics 365 is based entirely on the SaaS principle, which means that own servers are no longer necessary, and everything is stored in the Cloud. In other words, the Codipack systems became accessible anytime, anywhere, and to anyone who uses them.

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge was streamlining data flows between the various departments, which was simply resolved by implementing Dynamics 365. All data is managed on a single platform, and information is therefore always available at the right time, for the right person. It is no longer necessary to transfer data from one system and department to another. Updated data continuously flows through all departments, and as such Codipack gained instant insight into their results. 

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We work with people, the essence of collaboration 

With such a turnaround, we always take the human side of the story into account. We may ensure that processes are streamlined with the help of software, however, it’s still people who have to work with it every single day. At NORRIQ we therefore always ensure an appropriate approach to Change Management. It is our job to ensure that key users become familiar with the system and the new way of working as quickly as possible, which was certainly appreciated at Codipack.

“NORRIQ has a team of highly skilled consultants. This is also one of the reasons why we chose their expertise, which was also certainly confirmed during the project.” - Codipack

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This collaboration was definitely like no other, as we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. An occasional day at the home office suddenly became a full-time given, and where we usually visit the customer, physical contact was replaced by online meetings and numerous telephone conversations. This definitely added another challenge on top of an already complex project, but the quality of our approach and advice certainly didn’t suffer.

“NORRIQ ensured an efficient and correct project follow-up, specifically in the run-up to and after the GO-LIVE. We also experienced fast feedback and support with problems and questions.” – Codipack.

NORRIQ strives for flawless and smooth support and with NORRIQ care we ensure customised support whenever it’s needed. The NORRIQ Care Heroes did a great job, supporting Codipack before, during and after the process to answer all possible questions. They were at their side from a smooth onboarding to an extensive follow-up.

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