The benefits at a glance

Financial overview per office check

Every local employee can perform the full financial management of his office in a central system that integrates with Outlook and Office.

Manage stock market budgets optimally check

The project and event managers can optimally manage exhibition budgets and make predictions, with always up-to-date insight of the state of affairs of a specific exhibition.

Invoices are processed automatically check

All invoices are processed automatically and approved via the correct flows, regardless of the tax legislation per country.

Save on administrative work check

Thanks to master data management, the same data set is available in every country and this can save a lot of administrative work.

Together with IT supplier NORRIQ we have started the Fin Move project to implement an ERP system for the financial management of all our offices” says Philip Van Hove, Business Systems Analyst at Artexis Easyfairs. “As a result, the group now has a good view of the financial situation of each office.

Philip Van Hove
Business Systems Analyst, Easyfairs International
Philip Van Hove | Business Systems Analyst, Easyfairs International

Overview on the finances of all countries and stock exchanges

The ERP system consists of two large sections. For the financial section, all financial modules are integrated for every country. Philip Van Hove: "Because every country has its own legislation, we have created an own database and server for each country or group of comparable countries, so that we do not have to develop the software separately for each region."

The Job module is a second component within the ERP package. The overview of the budgets and the forecasts of their own stock exchanges and projects are managed there. "In this way, the current costs are booked directly onto the stock exchange budget and we always stay up-to-date on the financial status of a certain stock exchange and / or project."

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Automatic processing of invoices

In addition to those main modules, a few additional modules have been implemented, such as NORRIQ's Invoice Workflow module that automates the incoming invoice flow. From scanning and recognition, automatic booking, to the approval of all invoices by the right people.

Artexis Easyfairs also wanted to save on administration time for its finance employees worldwide. They can do this through thorough master data management via NORRIQ's Master Catalog add-on. "Although we have different companies with different databases across different countries, we do not have to enter data 10 to 12 times, but only once," concludes Van Hove.

Philip Van Hove | Business Systems Analyst, Easyfairs International

Fast understanding led to wrinkle-free go-live

"Although we are talking about a major international implementation process, the implementation of the new ERP system went very smoothly," says Van Hove. “The NORRIQ consultants quickly understood our needs, despite the complex structure and activities of our company. Thanks to NORRIQ, the go-live went smoothly in seven different countries at the same time," says Van Hove.

Philip Van Hove | Business Systems Analyst, Easyfairs International

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