The benefits at a glance

Closing contracts in No-Time check

Thanks to the NORRIQ Sales app and CRM, sellers can conclude contracts in one customer visit instead of the average of 2,5 visits.

Customer service, fast and efficient! check

The customer service can immediately consult all documents via the CRM system, so they can work much more efficient and make fewer mistakes.

Digitization of document flows check

By digitizing the document flows, the customer immediately receives the final version of his contract. The sellers and the administrative services also automatically receive a copy of the document.

We now work more efficiently and we also come across as very professional to our customers.

Jürgen Neysens
Channel Manager RED, EDF Luminus
Jürgen Neysens | Channel Manager RED, EDF Luminus

More insight, more efficiency

The sellers of the Real Estate Development (RED) department at energy partner EDF Luminus conclude contracts with real estate partners to install gas and electricity facilities in the homes that they sell or rent. These agreements were previously drawn up manually and it took the sellers on average 2.5 visits to conclude such a contract. RED was looking for a way to automate those document flows so that sellers can set up and conclude their agreements in one visit.

Jürgen Neysens | Channel Manager RED, EDF Luminus

Phased approach is beneficial

Jürgen Neysens, Channel Manager RED at EDF Luminus: "NORRIQ has seamlessly migrated over 3,000 accounts from our old system to the new CRM system. They first divided our accounts among the account managers, catalogued the data in sub-domains and refined it. Now all our data is always up-to-date." 

"We left this project entirely to our partner because they have all the expertise and we do not have enough time for it ourselves. The next step was the integration with Microsoft Outlook, after which we fully integrated the service agreements into the system. We used to have to finalize the contracts on a PC, now everything happens directly on the tablets of our sellers. Quite an improvement. "

Solar Pannels and Turbines | Solar energy

Fast and professional thanks to the mobile app

The employees of the EDF Luminus RED department spent a great deal of time on setting up contracts and maintaining partner codes in Excel files. Now this code is automatically generated and put into the CRM system, thanks to the integration with Resco and XperiDo.

"Our salesmen on the road can now have their documents digitally and also digitally signed on the tablet," says Jürgen. "The customer is immediately sent a copy of the contract. In addition, those contracts remain consultable in the CRM system so that the employees of the customer and financial service are always able to find them. In addition to the fact that we work much more efficiently, this is also very professional to our customers. "

Jürgen Neysens | Channel Manager RED, EDF Luminus

Speaking the same language helps

NORRIQ speaks the language of sales people. "The collaboration with NORRIQ went very smoothly despite the time constraints," says Jürgen. “The NORRIQ experts were able to explain everything in a clear way and illustrate the strengths of the system by showing examples. All employees immediately saw the benefits of the new system. We will optimize the CRM system further with our IT partner. For example, we are also looking to integrate a geographical map into CRM in the near future, so that we get a visual overview of all our partners. ”

CRM Tablet and Phone

Thanks to the automation of the document flows, our sales staff can go through the entire process independently, up to and including the digital signature of the contracts.

Jürgen Neysens
Channel Manager RED, EDF Luminus
Jürgen Neysens | Channel Manager RED, EDF Luminus

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