NORRIQ turned out to have the right experience. They already had a lot of similar challenges and knew immediately how to handle this case. Their decisive approach convinced us.

Andy Rogiest
COO of Home Health Products
Andy Rogiest | COO of Home Health Products

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The platform build

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was set up, with the primary focus on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Since then, 48 administrative and financial employees are using this new solution, and this number will increase even further.

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ClickDimensions is responsible for processing over 1.2 million e-mails sent on an annual basis.

Customer Service account_circle

Within the same Dynamics 365 platform, the sales and support team of HHP is being supported by NORRIQ through the Customer Service module.

Data across borders language

Data is shared across national borders, the purchasing flow has been automated, invoicing has been streamlined and marketing opportunities have been expanded significantly.

See how the cooperation between NORRIQ and HHP has paid off.

A high-performance system that supports growth

The trigger for HHP to enter the market was the limitations of their old systems. That needed to be better and more efficient.

Andy Rogiest, COO of the company: “It was quite confronting to bump into the limits of a system. But at the same time, it was a signal to take the necessary steps. We entered the market based on the question of which system could facilitate our growth. It emerged that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform was the right match. This for both Business Central and CRM. We then went in search of the right partner to keep this project running smoothly. NORRIQ turned out to have the right experience. They had already faced many similar challenges and immediately knew which wood make arrows. Their bold approach convinced us. ”

HHP Offices

Support from the beginning, even before the implementation

Several factors were essential and decisive for Rogiest. “We wanted to work with a partner we could rely on, also after the implementation. It was therefore very reassuring that the NORRIQ Care employee was involved in the project from the beginning. She was immediately connected with the design of the system and got to know HHP and the processes throughout. We can assure you that in daily practice this will save a lot of time. When we have a question she immediately understands what it is about and NORRIQ can come up with appropriate answers and solutions. ”

CRM on Computer in HHP Offices

A complete solution

The project is still running and consists of 2 large parts. " On one hand there is the Dynamics 365 Business Central part, in which the purchase, sale, finance, contracts and intercompany transactions are processed. Forty-eight employees are going to be using this tool, spread across Europe. The system was set up in 230 man-days and was used to make the transition from sales to leasing and renting. Purchasing has been automated, there is now a general catalogue and the monthly invoicing has improved a lot. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service was also implemented. This platform provides better support for our sales and boosts our marketing. Together with NORRIQ we are looking into linking our customer portal to the platform in the near future. It was a significant process and questions still arise from time to time. We are happy that NORRIQ is there to provide solutions quickly", concludes Rogiest.

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