Successful e-commerce starts with the ERP system

If you want success with e-commerce, you must ensure integration into your ERP system. It can be tempting to choose one of the many e-commerce solutions on the market and get it connected to your ERP solution with interfaces. But intelligent e-commerce requires real integration.

Being successful with e-commerce places high demands on your online platform. It must be able to position yourself strongly in your online market, perfect your online sales, and offer the optimal customer experience in the webshop. But to use the full potential of e-commerce, your webshop must work with your ERP system. With true integration, you can use the available resources to grow your business, instead of managing data across multiple systems. Moreover, you can use all the possibilities for data integration.

Select integration - no interfaces

It can be tempting for a company to choose one of the many standard e-commerce solutions on the market and to connect these to the company's ERP system with so-called interfaces. The alternative is to opt for an e-commerce solution with a deep ERP integration, which offers excellent benefits for companies with online ambitions. ERP integration is vital because your webshop cannot calculate orders, stock status or prices, and product information.

By integrating the webshop with your ERP processes, you can manage prices and discounts in the ERP system, saving you a lot of time because you receive automated processes for orders, inventory, invoicing and logistics via web shops and ERP systems. If you also ensure integration into a PIM system, you ensure that all product information, such as descriptions, photos, and prices are always correct and up-to-date in the webshop. This update is crucial for you to provide the optimum customer experience.

Choose a partner with technological insight

The technology behind the e-commerce platform is essential. At NORRIQ, you get a great design, but we don't only work with the tip of the iceberg. We have a deep and broad understanding of IT, and we know Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central through and through. If you need not only a beautiful appearance but also an intelligent and time-saving solution, then you are in the right place at NORRIQ.

Successful e-commerce starts with the ERP system

A shortcut to intelligent e-commerce for you with Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you already use Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have a significant advantage. NORRIQ is one of the country's leading Microsoft Dynamics consulting houses, and we have integrated e-commerce solutions right into the heart of Dynamics. The deep integration means that you can easily reuse your existing sales, storage, and billing processes and that you only have to maintain your data in one system.

Automated ordering and customer specific prices

It also means that you can automate all your business processes, such as orders from the webshop are automatically transferred to your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central, which then forms order confirmation, invoicing, etc. At the same time, the web shop can utilize the data to "recognize" the customers, and present the individual for customer-specific prices, discounts, products, etc.

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