Take advantage of the digital potential of effective project management

Many project and service-based companies do not currently exploit the potential of digitization. Project management takes place in own databases, systems, or spreadsheets, while time registration and invoicing take place in a separate ERP system. In addition to a lot of wasted time looking for data in different systems, the consequence is inefficient administration, errors, and a lack of overview of the finances of the projects. Project Service Automation is a goodbye to all that. With NORRIQ you get the most efficient project management solution on the market, which brings it all together in one system with one database - of course, fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and based on best practice.

One solution connects processes, people and data

With NORRIQ you get a fully integrated project management tool that gives you control over projects, their finances and performance. This means that you can maximize your performance, deliver projects on time and budget - and significantly increase billing.

Get digital vision

The Project Service Automation solution from NORRIQ is based on Progressus, which is state-of-the-art in project management tools and one of the few solutions that offers real integration to the ERP environment. Developed for all types of project and service companies, the solution offers a unique digital vision by integrating all processes into modern project management with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

In other words, you get a fully integrated solution that connects processes, people and data all the way from A-Z. The solution is designed for Microsoft Office 365, so your employees can use the tools they already know and get the best conditions for performing.

  • Builds on the Microsoft platform, is cost-effective and easy to use
  • Adapts easily to individual projects
  • Ensures updated project information - in real time
  • Provides full overview of resources and budget

Streamline the entire value chain in your project

With Project Service Automation you can remove many of the classic challenges of project-based activities. The solution automates and lifts all the processes in project management - all the way from the start of the projects to evaluation and analysis:

Templates ensure best practice thumb_up

With NORRIQ's project management tool you can create consistency in your project setup, and easily and quickly ensure that the projects are always properly created. The solution offers customized templates, which means that you always start with best practice.

Create projects in under one minute repeat

Too many companies spend unnecessarily long time creating projects. With NORRIQ's project management tool you never start all over again - instead you can create projects and be in operation in under one minute.

Digital planning and budgeting business

With data in different systems, spreadsheets or drawers, it is almost impossible to have an updated overview of resources and competencies. Imagine how easily, quickly - and above all - effectively you plan and budget when all the data you need is in one place in a data base that is always up to date.

Easy time registration schedule

Effective management of financial data such as hourly registration and expenses are crucial for the billing rate. With Project Service Automation you can register time and expense where you want. This means easier workflows, fewer errors - and that you always have an updated overview of your projects and resources.

Flexible and simple billing credit_card

Billing and compiling IGVA is typically a very complex and time-consuming process. A Project Service Automation solution from NORRIQ markedly eases the workflow, which both releases resources and increases customer satisfaction, and then you can both invoice as a fixed price and at the expense of the same project

Optimal management with Analytics dashboard

Lack of overview and transparency make it difficult to assess the actual performance of the projects. With a Project Service Automation solution from NORRIQ, all data is in one place, and analyzes and forecasts can easily be visualized in dashboards as needed.

Why choose NORRIQ?

NORRIQ has many years of experience in creating value with digitization in project and service-based companies. Other strong companies have chosen NORRIQ.

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